Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love these Waiting Mom's!

Every Monday night I get the privilege of hanging out and discussing adoption/foster care with the BEST group of ladies!!

Some of us have already adopted, some of us are in the process, others are just starting, and some have their foster placement. We have the best time discussing where God has us on this journey and how He continues to draw us closer to Him through the process. This group of ladies has blessed me beyond measure!

As a mom who has adopted children, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to expand my knowledge of adoption related topics. Even though most of these women are in the beginning of their journey to meet their child, and the birth family God has chosen for them, they always teach me something. It is a safe place where we can discuss what we may be going through. Some wait for their paperwork to be approved, others wait for "the call" from their agency, others have been matched with birthmom's and are waiting for the delivery of their child, some have their child placed with them already and are waiting their court dates. But, all of us have this common bond running through ... our love for the way God is creating our family!! I am so thankful for each of them!

We are always looking for new "waiting mom's" to join us! We meet at What about Cha in Edmond on Monday night's at 7:30. It's located at the corner of 33rd and Broadway. If you would like to no more about it you can email me at

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